Breathe, the new documentary project

In October 2019, the filming of the documentary Breathe began, the new audiovisual project by LaBarrancoFilms about the inmates of the Brians 1 prison in Sant Esteve Sesrovires. After having worked with young people who have been in juvenile centers in the documentary Fallen from the nest, the idea arose to work with women who are in penitentiary centers with long sentences, in which the lack of freedom places real weight on their lives. Breathe aims to give a voice to imprisoned women through the creation of a cultural project and to reflect on the current prison system.

“From knee to heart” in media

Interview with Susanna Barranco and Sol Picó about documentary From knee to heart. Radio Barcelona. 2018 Article about documentary From knee to heart. Sol Picó bailará en la pantalla de Mostra de València. El Periódico De Aquí. València. 2019 Article about documentary From knee to heart. La danza se asoma a las pantallas de la Mostra de València. Culturplaza. València. 2019 Article about documentar From knee to heart. El documental «De rodillas corazón», con la participación de TV3, llega al Festival Dance on Camera de Nueva York. Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals. Catalunya. 2019 Article about documentary From knee to heart. «La bailarina Sol Picó llega a las pantallas …