Verkami Breathe

From LaBarrancoFilms we have decided to launch a campaign of Verkami given the extraordinary situation we currently live in Covid-19, where culture has been paralyzed and aid as well, where there is no perspective or we do not know when normalcy will be restored .

As the director of the documentary Breathe, I want to end the project I started in 2018 because of my commitment to these imprisoned women and their life stories. Given the many times the state of provisionality and the double confinement in which they live, the wait to carry out this project can cause group cohesion and motivation to be lost, and, finally, a project that with a lot of ‘effort and delivery is in vain, I thought of doing this crowdfunding so that everyone who watches this documentary has a perception of how women live in a prison.

Giving voice to these women who have been deprived of their liberty for so many years so that they can also express their stories, expectations and frustrations. I could not miss the opportunity to take my camera to the Can Brians 1 prison, a location where it is difficult to obtain a permit to be able to record the realities of the women residing in this prison.

For all these reasons, I invite you to be an active part of the project from Breathe‘s Verkami page:

 Verkami project Breathe

 Trailer for the documentary Breathe


For the dams it is very important to see the completion of a work where they have put the heart.

Thank you so much for the support and I look forward to seeing you all at the movies when Breathe premieres!