New projects

From La Barranco Films we continue working energetically in the new project “From knee to heart” a documentary about Sol Picó. It is an intimate portrait of the dancer, but it is also a portrait of the reality behind the scenes, the process of creation and the day-to-day work within the dance company at a special moment in her professional career.

This week, the new work of the Sol Picó, “Dancing with Frogs”, has premiered at the Mercado de las Flores. This new production of the company Sol Picó reflects, questions and analyses the world of masculinity, this other half, which is the biological complement of the female gender.

The team of the Barranco Films will be working during these days to continue giving heart and shape to the new production of the producer, “From knee to heart”.

Just today 6 years ago from the publication to the newspaper El Períodico about the documentary Buits. This project shows a little-known vision of the problem of gender violence, the perspective of the aggressor men.

From Barranco Films we continue working to give visibility to women, either by fighting for their rights or by showing their own strength within the patriarchal system in which we live.