Projections 2017

22/12/2017, 9:30h

Projection ‘Falling from the nest’.
IES Icària (Barcelona)

18/12/2017, 17:30 h

Documentary projection ‘Falling from the nest’.
Ajuntament, Sabadell (Barcelona)

14/12/2017,  19:00 h:

PREMIERE – Documentary ‘Nude’.
Filmoteca de Catalunya (Barcelona).

14/12/2017 (h to be confirmed):

Proyecció documental ‘El silenci del Jonc’.
Biblioteca Jordi Rubió i Balaguer, Sant Boi, (Barcelona)

11/12/2017 (h to be confirmed):

Cinema forum  ‘Falling from the nest’.
Trocada Instituts Ajuntament, Sabadell, (Barcelona).

29/11/2017 , 10:30 h:

Documentary cinema fórum ‘Fallling from the nest’.
Filmoteca de Barcelona, (Barcelona).

25/11/2017, 17:00 h :

Documentary projection ‘Wounds’.
Auditori Ajuntament, Sant Fost de Campsentelles (Barcelona).

24/11/2017, 12:30 h :

Documentary projection ‘Wounds’.
SES Cervelló, Cervelló, (Barcelona).

24/11/2017,  19:30 h :

Documentary projection ‘Ferides’.
Ajuntament  (Palau solità i Plegamans).

23/11/2017, 10:30 h:

Documentary cinema forum ‘Wounds and Voids’.
Ajuntament St. (Feliu de Codines)

22/11/2017 (h per confirmar):

Documentary cinema forum ‘Wounds’.
IES,  Ajuntament de St. Feliu de Codines (Barcelona).

21/11/2017, 19 h:

Documentary cinema forum ‘Voids’.
La Masia (Martorells).

20/11/2017, 19 h:

Documentary cinema forum ‘Wounds’.
‘Espai Antoni Miró Peris’ ( Barcelona).


Documentary cinema forum ‘Teresa Rebull, Uprooted soul’.
IES Voramar (Barcelona).

Documentary cinema forum ‘Teresa Rebull, Uprooted soul‘.
IES Voramar (Barcelona).


Documentary projection ‘Teresa Rebull, uprooted soul’.
Cinema Castellet (Perpignan).


‘Teresa Rebull, uprooted soul’.
El documental, Canal 33.

Documentary cinema forum ‘Wounds‘.
IES Sagrada Família, Rubí, (Barcelona).


Documentary cinema forum ‘Teresa Rebull, uprooted soul’.
IES Voltreganès (Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà).

17/03/2017 (20.00h):

Documentary cinema forum  ‘Teresa Rebull, uprooted soul’,


Documentary cinema fórum ‘Fallen from the nest’, 
IES La Sedeta (Barcelona).


Documentary film projection ‘Teresa Rebull, uprooted soul’,
Prades (France).


Documentary film projection ‘Teresa Rebull, uprooted soul’,
Cabestany (Francia).

08/03 /2017:

Documentary film projection ‘Voids’,
Espacio Càlabria 66 (Barcelona).

06/03/2017  (19.30h):

Cinema forum documentary film ‘Wounds’, 
Centre Cultural Albareda (Barcelona).

03/03/2017 :

Cinema forum documentary film ‘Teresa Rebull, uprooted soul‘,
Museu d’art de Cerdanyola, MAC , Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona).

01/03/2017 :
Documentary cinema forum ‘Fallem from the nest‘,
IES Voltreganès, St. Hipólit de Voltregà(Barcelona).

14/02/2017 :

Documentary projection ‘Teresa Rebull, uprooted soul‘,
Cinema Truffaut, Girona (Girona).

10/02/2017 :

Documentary cinema forum ‘Teresa Rebull, uprooted soul’,
Museu memorial de l’exili, MUME , La Jonquera (Girona).


Documentary Cinema fórum ‘Fronteres’, 
IES La sedeta (Barcelona).

30/01/2017  (10:00 and 12:00 h):

Documentary cinema forum ‘Wounds’, 
Santa Coloma de Cervelló (Barcelona).

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