La Barranco Films

As if from a gully (barranco in spanish), with each documentary we throw ourselves into the unknown, without a net, in order to reach the depths of each theme and to give viability to the artistic proposals that we consider must necessarily be part of our collective imagination. Since 2008 we have produced these documentaries:

I Am Part of your World (2008)
An order of Ámbito Prevención with the support of ICD, Dpto. de Acció Ciutadana de la Generalitat de Catalunya and Mousiké. Directed by Susanna Barranco.
Wounds (2009)
Developed with the support of ICD and Mousiké. Broadcasted on Canal 33 and on BTV. Directed by Susanna Barranco.
Voids (2011)
Developed with the support of Obra Social de la Fundación La Caixa and Mousiké. Broadcasted on TV3 and on TVE2. Directed by Susanna Barranco.
In Jonc’s Silence (2013)
Developed with the support of Mousiké. Premiered at Filmoteca de Catalunya. Cines Méliès, cines Girona in Barcelona and Cineteca Matadero in Madrid. Awarded Premio Civismo from Generalitat de Catalunya as the best media (2013). It took part in Festival de Cine y Derechos Humanos in Barcelona and selected by NY Disabilities Film Festival. Directed by Susanna Barranco.
Fallen from the nest (2015)
Developed with the support of Fundación Sant Pere Claver and DGAIA. Premiered at Filmoteca de Cataluña. Cines Girona in Barcelona. Broadcasted on BTV. Directed by Susanna Barranco.
Teresa Rebull, Alma Desterrada (2016)
Co-produced with Televisió de Catalunya. Support of ICEC and Mousiké. Released at cines Girona de Barcelona, and different cinemas in Catalunya and France, like Castellet cinema in Perpignan. Directed by Susanna Barranco.
Nudes (2017)
Produced with the support of the ICD and Ayuntamiento de Barcelona. Awarded with the honorable mention of the VI Premi Josep M. Planes attributed by the “Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya”. Directed by Susanna Barranco.
From Knee to Heart (2018)
Directed by Susanna Barranco. With the support of Cia. Sol Picó, TV3 and the CVMC (Corporació Valenciana de Mitjans de Comunicació). Awarded by Choreoscope Best Portrait of Generation (2019).
Breathe (2021)
Directed by Susanna Barranco. With the support of Justice department and Culture department of Generalitat de Catalunya.

Susanna Barranco

Director & artistic devising director both theatre and documentary maker, Susanna Barranco is also an actress and play writer. Since 1999 she’s settled her own productions’ companies both on theatre and film.
On La Barranco Films, she has conceived and directed several documentaries aiming for an artistic approach based most of them on a closed relationship with social less favoured realities such as Wounds (supported by  l’Institut Català de les Dones); Voids (on collaboration with l’Obra Social La Caixa); In Jonc’s silence (Awarded by Civisme de la Generalitat de Catalunya 2014); Fallen from the nest (supported by DGAIA and La Fundació Sant Pere Claver, also getting honourable Mention at the award of Consell Municipal de Benestar Social als Mitjans de Comunicació 2017); Teresa Rebull. Uprooted soul (on coproduction with Catalan public Television TV3 and the support of ICEC); Nudes (on collaboration with l’Institut Català de les Dones, also awarded by Josep M. Planes del Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya 2018), and most recently From knee to heart about life and work of so well reputed International dancer Sol Picó (with the support of Catalan public Television TV3 & Valencia’s public Television À Punt Mèdia; awared Best Portrait of Generation 2019 by Choreoscope), that was opened by autumn 2018 and october 2019 was opened Dance Fly, a photographic exhibition. Susanna Barranco’s documentaries have been show on public Spanish and Catalan Televisions as much as on International channels and in commercial cinemas. She is currently postproducing Breathe, documentary about female inmates of prision Brians 1, and directs the creation and development of a video installation for the museum Maison du Patrimoine et de la Memoire André Abet in Saint Laurent de Cerdan (France).
On Susanna Barranco’s Theatre Company many shows have been devised, directed and performed by Susanna Barranco. Some of its productions are Mousiké, Estridències, Mossegades with Jango Edwards’ Collaboration; L’amor no fa mal o Massa tard per ser pessimista with Laura Freijo & Cristina Lügstenman; Accions de Resistència (awared by Premi Teatre BBVA 2020) or Red Room (codirected with cia. Sol Picó).
As a freelance actress and performer she has worked with several Catalan Directors such as Jordi Purtí, Marcel·lí Antúnez Afàsia i Pol, Eva Hibernia, Júlia Bel Las 13 rosas  and Marta Galán Els diners, el desig, els drets.
Susanna has also published poetry: Cràter (Edicions Llibre de l’Índex); the literary theatre essay Digue’m una cosa bonica (Edicions 62), and the novel: La autopista del amor. Ediciones B. 2015.
From 2017 to 2019 Susanna Barranco was artistic director of a project called Teixint Complicitats on Why Violence?’s program that aims throughout theatre, work deep inside prevention of any kind of micro violence amongst teenagers in Catalan’s high Schools.